“Real Estate transactions can sometimes be complex and intimidating. Fortunately, I have been lucky enough to work with David Datz and his team on all my real estate transactions over the past decade. I can’t imagine working with another firm. The team at David Marshall Datz PC is professional, thorough, and extremely competent. As I have moved through each of my real estate transactions (which include new purchases, corporate LLCs, and refinancing) they have given me helpful and valuable advice. In each closing, they are thorough and carful… explaining the documents as I sign them so that I clearly understand each step of the transaction. I have recommended David and his firm to my family and friends because I know anyone would be in good hands with David and his team.”

– Stewart Clifford, January 2011

“David always exceeds my expectations of what a closing attorney can accomplish but in a recent deal he literally saved a sale I had real doubts could be saved.

David and I were representing the seller and there were a host of issues which were not David’s responsibility but he stepped in to help my client and me. The property had boundary, occupancy and permitting issues which involved a 3rd party who was not involved in the transaction but who could kill the deal. David contacted all the necessary parties and with his expertise in real estate and his high personal integrity, he was able to break down the problem into manageable pieces and then negotiated with the various stake holders to find a mutually acceptable solution.

In the end, the closing went off as if there were no unusual problems! I use David Marshall Datz P.C. whenever I can and I recommend his firm to anyone who wants a Boston Real Estate Attorney who goes above the call of duty to get the deal closed.”

– Lisa Loveland, July 2010