Estate Planning

At David Marshall Datz, P.C., we believe in creating estate plans based on the knowledge of our client. We spend time getting to know you, your family, your goals, and your objectives. This dialog and the counseling we provide contribute to a great plan. If we are to design a working, effective estate plan, there’s no other way.

Our estate plans are living documents that work for the client because they change as the objectives, requirements, goals, or even the tax laws change.  Traditional estate plans were created and locked in a bank safe deposit box for years. Unfortunately, these old plans don’t change when “life happens” and can become out-of-date and ineffective. We want our clients to always have up-to-date, effective working documents.

Additionally, we will work as a team with your financial planner, insurance representative, accountant, and other attorneys to collaborate further in the plan development. This will ensure an effective working plan.